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Thanks and please!

 投稿者:fly0723  投稿日:2012年 7月28日(土)16時17分22秒
  Dear nyan:
I'm sorry that I can't speak Japanese and I'm so sad to hear that you decide to close your blog.I hope you will come back soon.
Firstly I want to thank you for your great works.(I think Hagane and UG is the best works I’ve ever seen ^_^)
I remember the first time when I found your UG05's CG was at Mr Neo's website in 2007.From then on I became a loyal fans of yours.
Everyday visit your bolg and appreciate your great works became a habit of me.
I hate those thieves who release your works to public without your agreement.So I am very agree with your decision.Set password to stop those idiots! But unluckily,I missed the password because my Japanese is very poor...I can't found the old place that you have said before...So can you teach me how to obtain the password please?I am really want to appreciate your great works again~!If you can teach me please send a mail to me. My email: fly19860723@hotmail.com
At last, thanks again for sharing your great works these years.

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